Rush and Seagrass

  1. Types of Chair Caning and Weaving:

Rush and Sea Grass:

This traditional weave is very rustic and will last forever.

Done with rush or sea grass, the seat is reinforced with padding and filler underneath and on top. You may also choose to have the seat done with paper instead of rush or sea grass, but the paper will need a coating of shellac in order to protect it.

     Example of Seagrass weaving

Pricing for rush and sea grass:

The price for this type of weave is $90 for a regular chair, approximately 12 inches by 12 inches, plus material. It will cost $85 for a small chair and $95 for a larger chair.

For more complex weaving patterns, or fancy corners,an additional charge of $25 per chair will apply.

Material costs will differ depending on the type of material used:

Rush and filler for a regular chair: $50

Sea grass and filler for a regular chair: $30

Paper and filler is approximately $18 for a regular chair, plus $10 extra for a shellac coating. The shellac-coating is necessary to protect the paper.