Types of Chair Seat Caning and Weaving:


This uses the same type of material as caning but it is already woven in different patterns. Webbing comes as a roll from which the correct seat size is cut out.

The pattern can be traditional cane weave, basket weave, modern or radio weave. The webbing is inserted into a groove along the top side of the chair seat. A spline holds it into place in the groove.

This type of caning work is easy to tell from the true caning work:

– The spline on top of the seat will clearly show around the webbing.

– The underneath of the seat will not show anything but the wood.

      Close up of Webbing

Pricing for webbing:

The price for this type of seat is $50 to replace the webbing (but $60 for a curved-chair), plus the cost of the material. The webbing material price will differ depending on the style and the size of the chair. It can cost between $15-$40.

The spline and the glue will cost approximately $5-$10 depending on the size and length of the spline.

Example of Webbing